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Indiana Certification Program for Chamber of Commerce Professionals
ICEA CP Designation


First-Time Application







City, State:____________________________________________________________________ Zip:_________________




History of employment in the chamber of commerce:

Dates of Employment                                                          Chamber                                           Position

Number of years of chamber employment:__________

1. Indicate dates of attendance at a minimum of three ICEA conferences or workshops over a minimum three-year period. Maximum of 16 points @ 2 points for each conference.

Year(s)                                                                              ICEA Annual Meeting/Winter Conference

Year(s)                                           _________________ ICEA Summer Conference

Year(s)                                                                              ICEA Regional Workshop

        1. Points        
(Max. 16 pts.)

2. Indicate dates of attendance at a maximum of three conferences/meetings.

Maximum of 6 points @ 2 points for each conference/meeting.

                                                                 U.S. Chamber of Commerce regional conference

                                                                 State Chamber of Commerce conference/seminars

                                                                 ACCE annual conference

                                                                 Other (must be approved by ICEA Review Committee)

          2. Points      
(Max. 6 pts.)

3. List your involvement and role in local leadership.

Maximum of 6 points @ 2 points for each role.





_____ 3. Points___
(Max. 6 pts.)

4. Indicate date of completion of the ICEA Hoosier Academy, or enrollment in the US Chamber Institute for Organizational Management (IOM).  Attach proof of completion or enrollment.


  4. Points  

 (Max. 6 pts.)

5. Complete and attach an essay of 250 words (or less) describing your philosophy and or, experience in chamber management.

5. Points________
(Max. 6 pts.)

Total points items 1 - 5 (to be calculated by Review Committee):_________________ Minimum of 24

NOTE: Points earned in items 1 - 5 must have been accomplished in the four years immediately prior to application.

6. Attach a letter of recommendation from your chief elected officer.

7. If a staff member of the chamber, attach a letter of recommendation from your CEO of the organization.

Signature:                                                              Title:                                                                       Date:


Enclose non-refundable application fee check payable to ICEA for $35 and mail completed application to:

Indiana Chamber Executive Association

Attn: Shelli Williams, President

P.O. Box 377

Hanover, IN 47243

Questions: (tele) 812-265-9488 
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