Message from the President

Shelli Williams, ICEA President
Shelli Williams, ICEA President

Welcome to the Indiana Chamber Executives Association (ICEA) . . .  your portal for resources to connect with a strong network of professionals leading local chambers of commerce in Indiana.

As a 20+ year chamber veteran, I cannot stress the value of tapping into the peer knowledge exchange and resources offered by ICEA.  Those who succeed long-term have a willingness to never stop learning.  Chamber professionals who succeed long-term invest in the professional development of new staff members, realizing that an educated, committed staff is the key to a successful, vibrant chamber.

I have been quoted as saying that being affiliated with ICEA is like having an additional set of hands on staff.  Members can contact the ICEA office with questions about trends, benchmarking, board development, sample policies, membership programs, how to coordinate events, and so much more.  If we do not have information in the resource library, ICEA staff can do a quick poll to chambers across Indiana to get specific information. ICEA also has connection with the national State Executives Association Network and can reach beyond our Indiana state boundaries for additional resources as needed.

Never underestimate the impact that local chamber of commerce staff members have for the economic future of Indiana.  The chamber you'll have tomorrow will be decided by choices your leaders make today.

Your chamber does not have to go it alone.  Tap into ICEA to make your job easier. 
The programs and services are in place…now it’s up to YOU to take advantage of them.

Do not hesitate to call or text if I can ever be of assistance to you.

Shelli Williams, President
Indiana Chamber Executives Association

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